Synergy Timber started out as a timber merchant of Asian timber species. We are located in Melbourne, Australia. Our suppliers have over the past 30 years built strong and credible export markets throughout Europe, North and South America and Australasia. The relationships we have with our suppliers are very strong given the fact that they are not only business associates but also close family friends. Our agents with extensive networks and knowledge in the industry have also helped Synergy Timber to expand our market Australia-wide.

Our supplies centre on manufacturers of windows and doors joinery, flooring, outdoor and indoor paneling, decking and general construction. Over the years in trading, we have been successful to deal with some of the most reputable organizations throughout the aforementioned industry sub groups. In addition, we have built upon our business in offering fully value added products including specialized timber treatments whilst concurrently servicing those who require supplies in raw form.

At Synergy Timber, we understand the underlying objectives of customers need and requirement. Not only do we want to embark on understanding the core business operation, we always go the extra step by offering value to our customers. We work hand in hand with personnel from all levels in the organization to research, explore and discuss on ways to optimize production methods. We are also very fair business individuals and in all contexts, we always give full and careful consideration to all parties involved.


In the past 2 years, Synergy Timber has begun working to expand its horizons to include exportation of timber related products. Currently working alongside Chinese and Japanese counterparts with the aim to expand to other markets, this will go hand in hand with our local Australian operations.

In addition, we have been able to build upon a solid relationship indirectly with the Forestry Government of Western Australia to supply timbers to countries such as China and Japan. We also have a relationship with the largest producer of a Victorian timber species where capacity exceeds 150,000 tons annually.


As an established timber merchant, we are fully aware of our responsibility towards the natural environment. In this age of growing awareness of environmental issues, Synergy Timber has been a certified and registered member of the Forest Stewardship Council (F.S.C.) and also have sources for products that are certified Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (P.E.F.C.). Synergy Timber is in the process of being P.E.F.C certified in the near future as well.

Synergy Timber, the company explicitly adheres to the policies of these organisation bodies and is committed to the procurement of timber products from responsible sources where required. We stand firm in ensuring that we strictly do not encourage practice of illegal logging and trade in endangered species.

Synergy Timber ensures that suppliers obtain timber from areas where the rights and traditions of the indigenous population are preserved. Timbers are also harvested in a safe and ethical manner. We stand to ensure that timbers are not harvested from:


Areas with high conservation values;


Areas where timber has been genetically modified;


Areas of natural forest that have been converted to plantations for non-forest use.


Synergy Timber has been working with individuals, both supplier and customers, who have been in the industry for more than 30 years. Their extensive knowledge and technical expertise has helped us build a strong foundation in our business operations and this has enabled us to gain further trust and confidence.

Going forward, we aim to work hand in hand with individuals who have strong knowledge and background in other market to help us expand our business networks. It is in our objective that we place extra emphasis on the development and expansion of individual experiences and the knowledge and networks they bring to the company.

We feel that this is the strongest assets any company could have.