Lateritic Nickel Ore

We have held senior industry positions that have demonstrated leadership and management of base and precious metal mining companies (both underground and open); development of project assessment types including definitive feasibility studies and their conversion into mining operations; managed teams undertaking mining asset evaluations and valuations, including technical and operational audits (encompassing complete mining asset due diligence and expert reports).

We have developed resources for Lateritic Nickel Ore. To this day, our networks encompass more than 20 million tons of Lateritic Nickel Ore ranging from 0.9% Ni concentration to more than 1.8% Ni concentration. In addition, we also have a capacity to supply up to 600,000 tons per day. Our operations are developed to ensure all certificates of quality and assessment are carried out in relation to each shipment. In addition, all relevant mining certificates together with export permits are in place to enable smooth transactions between parties involved.